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    About Me

    Hey I am Aaron Dabelow, and I have been working professionally as a 3D and VFX artist since 2006, mostly at the design studio MAKE.

    I've been working in 3D as a hobby for over a decade and have a lot of experience with other software that comes with the terrority, and have had experience in every step of creative process. From shooting principal photography through the final comp, I love all of it. Additonally I have some experience in programming, mosly tools for 3DS Max, and python.

    Sometimes I go outside too, here is a picture of me on top of a mountain in alaska.

    Work History

    MAKE - 2006 to Present
    Technical Director

    Awards for projects I have worked on

    "Best Professional" - Childs play "Gifts from Above"
    2011 Minnesota Electronic Theater, Minneapolis MN.

    "Various Festival Recognitions" - "Enviromenter"
    List of festivals

    "Various Festival Recognitions" - "Lamie de Zoe"
    List of festivals

    "Best Independent" - "Drown"
    2007 Minnesota Electronic Theater, Minneapolis MN.

    "First Place " - "Tiro"
    2006 Blockhead Annual Animation Festival, Minneapolis MN.

    "Second Place"
    MINI Challenge at the SimplyCG Forums, "Chain Reaction"

    "Third Place"
    Basics Challenge at the SimplyCG Forums, "Overlap Challenge"