Humminbird - "360 Imaging"

Production information:

  • Producer: Danny Robashkin
  • Studio: MAKE
  • My role: Technical Director
  • Spec client: Humminbird

Humminbird - "360 Imaging"

Lots and lots of simulation on this one. One of the more interesting techniques that I developed while working on this was creating a FumeFX simulation that was driven by an animated Frost mesh that had a gradient applied onto it, which was created from a PRT loader that was bringing in a simulation that was done in real flow. Kind of janky i know, but it was the way to get exactly what I was interested in. And fortunatly those assets existed for other steps of the process, so only the last steps needed to be created.

Also because of a proxy / full resolution workflow that we were using for managing the assets on the surface of the island, i wrote a simple little tool for grabbing all of the child nodes of a helper, regardless of their viewport status.

Resources Created: