Sanford Children's - "The Art & Science of Healthcare"

Production information:

Sanford Children's - "The Art & Science of Healthcare"

I was involved from the shoot to completion on this project. On location I assisted with the VFX supervision of the shoot. Once we started post production, then the real fun began. We had a very short amount of time to build and rig th 14 characters in this thing, So I ended up making a rig that was almost completly modular and could be moved into place. It looked almost identical on the animators end, but there was essentially another node or two for every one that would be in a standard rig, that allowd for the different characters.

Also this was the first project where we worked entirely with a new character pipeline involving layers of rig that would allow the animators to start animation long before the characters were shaded, or even had finalized models. You can check out a tutorial on how we did this below.

Techniques developed:

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